“When the cold comes to New England it arrives in sheets of sleet and ice. In December, the wind wraps itself around bare trees and twists in between husbands and wives asleep in their beds. It shakes the shingles from the roofs and sifts through cracks in the plaster. The only green things left are the holly bushes and the old boxwood hedges in the village, and these are often painted white with snow. Chipmunks and weasels come to nest in basements and barns; owls find their way into attics. At night,the dark is blue and bluer still, as sapphire of night.”
Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Then Me

I found pictures of myself as a little girl yesterday in the attic. It's always interesting to get a taste of background and childhood and see a snatch of where people are coming from.

These are some of my favorites.

First ,this is me around maybe five or six on our front steps.

This is my sister Foxy and I on Papa's lap. Must be some holiday. Christmas? Thanksgiving?

This is my most favorite childhood photo. Papa and , making music together. He plays guitar by ear and here I'm playing harmonica with him. :)

This is my Grandma Sally and Grandpa Mack with a tiny, toddler me. I am amazed how much I look like Nib.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Four Neckties

Ru: "Guess what, Mom. You can tell how prideful a guy that I am pretending to be is, based on how many neckties he wears."

(Pause for me to absorb this new data....and count his play silk neckties.)

This particular guy was a four necktie humdinger. ;)

Love it when my kids make me smile, double-take and appreciate the valuable role that play has in understanding and digesting the world. No short-cuts y'all.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fiber Arts Surprise

Love it when my kids surprise and amaze me.

I tried to teach Ru to finger-knit a while ago but I wasn't doing something right and it kept falling apart so we ditched it.

That was months ago....then yesterday, he comes and finds me and says, "Hey Mom! Look what I figured out!" And there he was....finger-knitting...all by himself!

He has been knitting madly and at last count I think he'd made something like four or five scarves. Time to find some projects he can make and stash in our gift box out of finger-knitting strands.